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We work with our authors to ensure that the articles we publish are as good as we can make them. We very seldom publish an article in exactly the form in which it was submitted. If you need help or support, we will be pleased to offer both. Our advice is to send us a draft or an outline in the first instance, so that we can help you to develop your ideas. Sending an outline is also a good idea because it enables us to warn you if we already have several articles on the same subject waiting to be published, and are unlikely to accept another one.

Starting Point

New writers may wish to consider submitting shorter pieces to begin with. We are very pleased to receive letters and suggestions for publication. Good, innovative photocopiable materials are particularly welcome.

Regular Features

Please contact us before contributing to one of our regular features as these are generally commissioned by us and their content planned several issues in advance. Please write to us also if you have new ideas for regular features.

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Articles should be a minimum from 700 to 1,200 words. Always try to back up your comments and ideas with practical descriptions or examples.


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If you quote references, give full information.


We do not accept articles or parts of articles which have been published elsewhere, and that it is not being considered by any other publication. If the article was published on our website You won't use the article again in another publication.


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If you do send anything by email attachment, please use your surname as part of the file name and include your name and address within the document.

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