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Of course we’d love to do this but we need to wait for our NY buyers underwriting to come through. We’ll need to wait until after New Years 1/2/2020 to get any response. We call the fire department as we never experienced anything like this in ten years living at the house. We call our house insurance company Statefarm and open a claim uncertain of what to expect and fearing the worst. 12/4/2019 — Our real estate attorney informs us the title search showed the previous owners had a second mortgage on the house for their recent renovation (for the luxury things they decided to get like 4k range etc) and he requests our Owner’s policy of title insurance from us for our NY house which we send. Plus, I am still very annoyed that they ignored our attorney and then accepting another offer. I’ve never had much luck with water based stain blockers except with very light stains and then it took multiple coats.

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If the stain remains, hide it by using shellac before painting. When painting new drywall and we are painting a number of rooms, we use BM’s MooreSpec priomer on both walls and ceiling. 6. Feather your painting to make sure it appropriately blends with the rest of your ceiling. These items make up you ceiling system and can be professionally cleaned to look like new. If clogged gutters are the cause of the leak, clean out the gutters and check the gutter system and the surrounding areas of the roof for damage. They are the size of a knat and they bite and cause a welt. Also, their bite is very painful along with itching and redness around the affected area. Larger areas call for pneumatic hoppers, which are small hand-held spray guns that can cover a greater area with the best adhesion. We then call our real estate attorney about the title issue. If you can’t find the leak, call a professional air conditioning company.

8 Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Deer Flies - Deer Fly Repellent Of Deer Flies - Deer Fly

Identify the source: Once you find the leak, follow the leak to locate the source. Determine the quality of the water: The quality of the water can also help you find the source of the leak. 12/14/2019 — Next morning we find an electrician who agrees to come. 12/6/2019 — Our NJ Agent forwards us info about used furniture prices but are ridiculously overpriced. Also NJ sellers counter with a much lower price for furniture but still high. They said their lights flickered too but they still have power. Normally I would have went with the oil based Kilz for this but because it was such a huge amount of surface area and I was going to be spraying I was concerned with fumes, so I decided to give the Kilz II Latex a shot and figured I would 2nd coat it after giving it a week to cure. We also confirm with insurance that we will be refunded for the NJ house insurance if we never take possession, however, we’re also informed it is prorated so we’d only get refunded for amount after cancellation date. He tells us that the previous owners of our house took out a 2nd mortgage which was recorded AFTER we moved in for some reason.

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12/16/2019 — Our underwriting dept called said all is good on our side with our mortgage and can close anytime 3 days after we pay the yearly home insurance for the house required by the bank. It turns out the seller was again trying to pay less than market value and didn’t seem to care about inconveniencing us. We decline and the seller finds another storage option. Seller Attorney replies to all with incorrect date of Dec 17th our attorney reminds them of the closing date in the contract is Dec 30th and their attorney apologizes for her oversight. Seller Agent replies casually on email thread asking for closing date. Both Seller Agent and Attorney are shady & sloppy. 12/2/2019 — Seller attorney provides COUNTER quote for roof above mudroom area only now although it was dated 11/26 and their estimate is for $1,495 with new plywood mentioned. 12/18/2019 — Attorney requests that we sign a corner marker waiver for the survey which we do.

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